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I’ve had a couple of things sitting on my mind, not getting made, for the past couple weeks. So, I went out to Hobby Lobby today to pick up odds and ends that I needed and I hope to embark on my sewing mission tomorrow! Here’s the general idea of what I’ll be working on:

I’ve actually got a couple of hair bows to make, but this one I think made the cutest picture! I haven’t been able to find the pink French Cafe headbow, and I really wanted to wear it soon, so I decided to pick up the supplies to put something together. I went with red x white polka dots because it’s used quite a bit in the dress and I didn’t want just plain pink. The little silverware charms are from Scattered Tenacity on etsy, which was lovely to order from! I’m going to attach them at the corners of the bow, maybe a fork on one side and a knife on the other?  I have several other sets that will go into making matching jewelry. I’m also planning on taking off the waist straps of my Bodyline Melody Doll JSK to make a hair bow, finally making one out of my waist straps from Popping Balloon, and maybe some plain colors as well! Lots of hair accessories to come.

A considerably bigger project in the works! I’m planning a dolly kei-inspired classic jsk. The faux suede on the left is for the bodice and the print is for the skirt. I’m thinking of something like Shelly Madeline’s  dresses with the sort of fairy tale feel with the top a heavier solid fabric and the bottom a print and not a whole lot of detailing. Probably a square-neck jsk with a pleated skirt and the trim just a few inches up from the bottom. Also maybe buttons on the bodice, just for some visual appeal. Of course, I totally forgot to pick up a zipper for this haha.

Those are my sewing plans for now! Hopefully I’ll make good progress, I need to start working on whatever I want to be for Halloween!