If there was one part of my wardrobe that would cross-over from lolita to more normal clothing, leg wear would be it. I love fancy socks and tights, of all colors, patterns, prints, lengths, and styles. I especially love hunting for off-brand socks, they’re something easy to find a lot of different places and they’re pretty cheap! I thought I would share some of my favorite places to find things:

  • Rugged Wearhouse is a chain of stores mostly on the east coast of the US that carries a few of it’s own lines and quite a bit of rejected stuff from major brands. So some things you’ll find there can be a bit strange, but I’ve gotten some awesome deals before.The Betsey Johnson anklet socks up there are from them, which I was thrilled to find and picked up like 5 pairs. For like $3  each when they normally sell for about $12, how could I resist? My local Rugged Wearhouse has a good selection of socks pretty regularly. The only downside is that stock is pretty random, so sometimes I go in there and buy 20 things, and sometimes I come out with nothing.
  • Sock Dreams  is one of my very favorite places to order from on the internet. Their stock is big and varied, they have everything from anklet socks that look like alligators to cuban heel stockings. They also have excellent customer service and free shipping to the US! I have quite a few different things from them and have always been very pleased with my orders.
  • Charming Charlie is a US chain of accessory stores that we got just recently in Greensboro, and I just want to live there. Like…set up a little tent in the back. No really. Along with every other accessory ever (grouped by color no less) they have some really nice tights! I recently bought a few pairs, the pink up there that’s obviously labeled and the cream floral tights in the background. They’re lovely quality, and I got them for super cheap since they were on sale.
  • Target has a great leg wear section. Recently they’ve been a bit more legging-heavy than I would like, but they consistently have nice quality socks and tights for cheap. I love to browse their sock sales section too, some of my most-loved socks came from Target for $2. They also typically have a great selection of brightly colored tights, which I love.
  • We Love Colors is another great website to order from. Their tights are a bit on the more expensive side, but they’re super durable and they come in every color ever. No seriously, look at their color chart, it’s awesome. They also come in a couple of different patterns, so if there’s a specific coordinate you’re having a hard time finding the right color tights for, We Love Colors is the perfect place to look.
I hope that helps those who long for more socks! I’m pretty excited to try out my new Betsey Johnson anklets. I’ve never worn short socks with lolita before, and it can be a bit tricky to pull off, so I’m curious to see how it’ll work out! If you guys have any other awesome sock-finding places, do let me know! I totally need more places to indulge my terrible leg wear habit.