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I ordered a few things from Bodyline a while ago, mostly to get some new shoes. My black RHS had broken, so I needed some new comfy black shoes! But since I was paying for expensive shipping anyway, I figured I’d pick up a few other things as well. Here’s a video I did of all my stuff:

And some pictures:

Skirt l243! Silly Bodyline ribbon and all. I’m gonna take that out and replace it with plain black. I haven’t fully decided if I’m going to replace the lace or not. It’s not bad quality, it’s just kind of large. I think I’ll fix the ribbon first and see how I like it.

Socks 425! These are super cute, and very soft.

The main reason for my purchase in the first place. Shoes 251! These are super cute, and fairly true to size. I haven’t worn them around yet, but they seem pretty comfy from my brief stroll around the house.

Lots of bits and bobs.  Chocolate macaron- acc164, strawberry macaron- acc162, donut- acc203, parfait- acc395. The macarons smell a little better after sitting around by the air conditioner for a while, but they smelled AWFUL straight out of the package. I’m probably going to make necklaces with these.

Overall, pretty good for how little I paid! I do miss the $20 dhl a lot though.