Continuing the 30 Day Lolita Challenge, previous days are here!

Day 10- What’s in your bag?

I actually did a “What’s in your bag?” video a while ago! My bag lineup hasn’t changed much since then.

Day11- One day of your lolita life in pictures

Well as much as I would like to take the time to take pictures of a day in lolita (and I probably will at some point) I’m not doing anything terribly lolita in the next week or so. Instead, I will use ridiculous gifs to describe a meetup day for me.

Eating breakfast:

Getting ready:

Being generally excited:

Rocking out to music in the car:

Seeing everyone’s cute outfits:

Hanging out with everyone:

Normal people stare and take pictures without asking:

Eating cute food:

Taking pictures:

Going home:

Day 12- A picture of yourself before lolita came into your life.

I’m not at home right now, so I scoured Facebook for some older pictures of me. I’m about 80% sure this is before I knew what lolita was, I think I was about 14 here. I still loved Alice though, this was a thrown together Mad Hatter costume.

Day 13- A picture of your favorite sweets.

Cupcakes! I made these for my 21st birthday haha. I’m a pretty equal opportunity dessert eater, but cupcakes are probably my favorite. Easy to make, delicious and oh so cute!