Continuing the 30 day lolita challenge. Full list and previous posts are here.

Day 6- 10 things you can’t live without in lolita.

  1. A good petticoat. I typically wear two, but the principle is the same, I can’t deal with an unpoofy skirt!
  2. Some comfortable pairs of shoes in black and white.
  3. A camera!
  4. Tide to go pen. Necessary for life.
  5. A couple of good blouses in black and white.
  6. Headbands! Millions of them!
  7. A nice little collection of makeup.
  8. The internet! I can’t imagine keeping up with brands and arranging meetups without it.
  9. Sites that ship internationally! As useful as shopping services are, it’s so much easier when brands ship overseas.
  10. My sewing machine. I don’t sew all of my lolita, but I do sew a chunk, and it’s wonderful for repairs as well.
Day 7- 1o people who inspire your lolita style.
I feel like there are so many lolitas who inspire me! But I managed to get it down to ten who I’m really excited to see posts from. If any of you lovely ladies have a problem with me using your pictures, just let me know!
  1. vanillablitz! Her coordinates are always so well thought-out and she uses color combinations that I would never have thought of.
  2. shelbycloud! Her outfits are always adorable, and I just love her videos. She’s just so sweet, so polite and friendly!
  3. theosakakoneko! Her outfits are always awesome, but I especially love the really daring ones. Her willingness to try anything and everything is really inspiring to me.
  4. osea_chelleo doesn’t really post anymore, sadly, but I still really love her cute-casual style. My favorite parts about her posts were always the detail shots though, her photos were always really lovely.
  5. go_slow_ly! Her classic style is really lovely. I love her collection of indie brands and her cute glasses :D
  6. swdpunk doesn’t post anymore either, but she was such a big inspiration to me when I first started out and I still really appreciate her cute, casual style.
  7. thepinkfairies has the loveliest classic coordinates, I especially love the beautiful things she makes!
  8. Maria from Paperlace her outfits are always so detailed and beautiful!
  9. sushisael has a great original style. I also really love her hair, it’s so cute!
  10. chokelate is so lovely, and all of her coordinates are so elegant!
Day 8- 10 songs that inspire you for lolita.
To be honest, music doesn’t really inspire my lolita that much. But I tried to choose songs that I love that suit the lolita aesthetic at least a little.
  1. Mika- We Are Golden This song always makes me happy! It gives me confidence as well, a lot of it is about being who you are regardless of what people say.
  2. Perfume- Natural ni Koshite This song is so very cute! I also love the choreography in this video, the moving belts are really cool.
  3. Alice in Wonderland- In a World of my Own This is pretty lolita-appropriate I think haha. I really love this song.
  4. Nous Non Plus-Loli This is totally about the other lolita, but I do really love this song! It’s so upbeat and fun :D Also if people in their underwear offend you, I wouldn’t recommend the music video haha.
  5. Kanon Wakeshima- Lolitawork Libretto Kanon Wakeshima is the only lolita-related music artist that I really like to be honest, this is my favorite song of hers. I really like this video too, it’s really funny to read the English text that’s scattered through it, a lot of it is about shipping customs haha.
  6. La Valse d’Amelie- Yann Tiersen Amelie is one of my favorite movies, and the soundtrack is just beautiful! It sounds like a fairytale.
  7. Whisperlude-POGO If you’re not familiar with POGO, you should totally check him out. He takes clips from movies and remixes them into songs, and this one is based on A Little Princess, which is one of my favorite movies from my childhood.
  8. La Vie en Rose-Pomplamoose I love Edith Piaf, and I love this song, and I love Pomplamoose’s cover of it. So pretty!
  9. I Want Candy- Bow Wow Wow I always relate this song to the scene in Marie Antoinette that I linked to, which was my favorite scene in the movie. So much eye candy, if you’ll pardon the pun! I’d kill for those shoes.
  10. Throw it in the Bag- MC Melod¥ Doll feat. Kiki Cake & Half-Bonnet Obviously. This is hilarious.
Day 9 – 10 things you will never do in lolita.

  1. Sit on dirt without something underneath me.
  2. Eat anything with tomato sauce while wearing white.
  3. Yard work!
  4. Exercising.
  5. Moving in or out of a house/apartment. Too hot D:
  6. Mud wrestling.
  7. Crocodile taming.
  8. Going on a safari.
  9. Water skiing!
  10. Rock climbing.
Well…those spiraled into nonsense haha. It’s hard to think of things I wouldn’t do in lolita, so most of them are things that could get my clothes dirty.