30 Day Lolita Challenge! The full list is here.

Day 3 – 10 things you hate in lolita.

  1. People taking my pictures without asking. I always talk about this, so I think it’s self-explanatory haha.
  2. The expense is pretty self-explanatory too. I do my best to budget myself, but there’s only so much you can do.
  3. Uncomfortable shoes! I do have my fair share of comfy lolita shoes, but I also have a couple of pairs of super cute shoes that I can’t wear as often because they’re too uncomfortable.
  4. People who hate on other styles. It’s cool if you don’t want to wear gothic/sweet/classic/punk/whatever, and it’s cool if you don’t like them even! But spreading hated for them is just stupid.
  5. Clothing that’s just a tiiiiny bit too small. Sometimes I look at measurements on brand websites and it’s like…an inch off with no shirring, and that’s an awful feeling.
  6. The heaaat. As much as I love lolita, it is really difficult for me to wear full lolita in the summer if I’m going to be outside at all. There’s just too much clothing for 90 degrees!
  7. Cookie-cutter outfits. Well maybe “hate” is too strong of a word for that, but I definitely dislike them. Wearing a print OP with the matching socks, matching bag, and matching hair acessory is the most boring thing in the world to me.
  8. How easily light colored shoes get scuffed up D:
  9. Taking forever to do your hair and then having it ruined by rain or wind.
  10. Having something sell out before you have a chance to buy it.
It was really hard to think of things that I hate! Which I guess is a good thing.
Day 4- 10 kinds of food you like.
  1. Cupcakes! It might sound really generically lolita, but I do love baking and eating cupcakes :D
  2. Nectarines are my favorite fruit, they’re so nice and juicy in the summertime!
  3. Carrots are my favorite vegetable, although I really like a ton of different veggies.
  4. Chocolate pudding. Yes.
  5. Hushpuppies! They’re the food I would miss most if I ever moved away from the southern US.
  6. Nutella!
  7. Apples, especially Pink Lady apples.
  8. Potstickers of any sort. I’m a sucker for dumplings.
  9. Recently I’ve been really wanting blue raspberry slushies. They’re delicious! …also I don’t know if that counts as food.
  10. Scones with jam and clotted cream :D
Day 5- 10 things from your wishlist.
Well I do keep an active wishlist over here, but I’ll post a few of some newer things I’ve been lusting after that aren’t on that list.
  1. Meta’s new Fairy Tale print in lavender! I love both JSK versions of this. and the print is just gorgeous!
  2. Angelic Pretty’s Toy Fantasy giraffe ring. LOOKIT THE WIDDLE GIRAAAAAAFFE. …that’s about as coherent as I can be about this ring. It’s just so damn cute!
  3. Baby’s Chocolate Fascinate Fairytale!  I just love the colors of this print, it looks like Neapolitan ice cream!
  4. It’s a pancake mix purse. That alone is reason to want it.
  5. Chocomint bracelets! I’m thinking about making something similar, I just love how they look like gumballs!
  6. I want more h.Naoto Frill in general, but in particular I love the long bustle back on this dress and the stripes!
  7. Such cuuute shoooes! These are from Secret Shop, I want them especially in light blue.
  8. Infanta’s Cinderella and Prince Charming JSK. I really love the cream x brown color scheme and the Cinderella images!
  9. I looove the little bows down the back of these socks! Plus I think they’d look really cute with my black x pink AP skirt.
  10. I have no idea where or when I would wear this, but that doesn’t stop me from drooling over it! It’s from Fan Plus Friend, they also make a full-length version.
I hope this is remotely interesting to other people! It’s been a lot of fun to do thus far.