30 Day Lolita Challenge! The full list and my progress is here.

Day 2: 10 things you love in lolita.

  1. The details! This was actually the big thing that attracted me to lolita in the first place, how much thought goes into the garments every little detail. I love looking at prints up close to see all the little bits and pieces, and I love all the little added things like lace, buttons, and ribbon.
  2. I really love the shoes. I could spend hours looking at (and shopping for!) lolita shoes. I love that my “daily shoes” have bows and scallops and criss-crossing straps. That’s just amazing to me.
  3. Bags shaped like things. I don’t have a lot, but man do I want more. That crazy pancake mix box purse from Angelic Pretty? I want it. So bad. And one of their shooting star purses. And one of Innocent World’s spade purses. I could go on forever. They’re just so cute!
  4. Having people stop me on the street to ask about the fashion. In a good way, not in a bad way. I’m always happy to meet someone who’s heard about it or wants to wear it!
  5. Creativity! I’m not a big fan of cookie-cutter coordinates, so when I see a really beautiful handmade piece or something coordinated in a really unique way it makes me really happy.
  6. Socks. I’m a big sock fan even outside of lolita, but lolita socks especially are so cute. It doesn’t help that socks/tights can easily be found offbrand. I have a lot of socks. I don’t know how many pairs, I’m a little afraid to count, let’s just put it at that.
  7. Hair accessories! I’m a big fan of hair stuff, outfits just look empty and weird without at least a hair bow or a head band! I love the diversity of hair accessories in lolita though, headdresses, bonnets, hats, bows, etc. It’s great to have a lot of options!
  8. Helping people! Lolita can be really daunting when you first start out, there’s so much information to go through and a lot to learn and a lot of ways to mess things up. So I like being able to answer questions and help people out. That’s why I do panels or answer questions on cosplay.com, I know how crazy it can be to start from scratch, so if I can ease that for anyone even by a little that makes me feel good :D
  9. Having confidence. Lolita has made a huge impact on my self confidence. It’s great to feel happy in the way I look and to have the support of friends and to just brush off rude comments or stares.
  10. My lolita friends, of course! I love my local community and the girls I’ve met online through lolita. There’s something so comforting to be able to talk to people who love the same things you do and understand some of the struggles that come with alternative dress. I also love my readers! You guys are awesome.