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Daily Outfit June 4, 2011:

  • Bow: Metamorphose
  • Jewelry: Handmade
  • Everything else: Bodyline
This was a super bodyline-filled outfit I suddenly realized haha. I got this JSK a while ago and I’ve done a couple of vlogs wearing it but I had yet to take any outfit pictures, so I figured I’d wear it to the swap meet! I haven’t been able to wear my hair in pigtails in years, it was nice to have my hair off my neck in the heat.
Cutsey pose! What you don’t see in these pictures is that we were outside facing a pool area full of people who were looking at us like we were nuts hahaha. This is the second swap meet that my friend Hollie has hosted, and both have been great! She’s really organized, so everything runs really smoothly.
My haul! The JSK is a Bodyline replica of Angelic Pretty’s Melody Doll print. The dress itself is different from the original though, I looked it up and Melody Doll came in a skirt, a short-sleeved OP and a long-sleeved OP with a matching capelet. It was kind of weird to me, since now days AP always does at least one JSK of their prints. I have mixed feelings about replicas personally, but I got a great deal on it and I much prefer JSKs to OPs, so I went for it. I’m planning to wear it to a concert tomorrow, it seemed appropriate!
The socks are Secret Shop AP replicas, I’m super excited to wear them with my pink and red polkadot jsk. The skirt is Bodyline, it matches my new unicorn t-shirt perfectly! Altogether, a lovely relaxing meetup and I scored some nice pieces for my wardrobe for cheap!