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First off, thank you all so much for your kind comments on my last post. It’s been a really hard week, but I’m home now and ready to get back to blogging. My camera is still with my boyfriend, but I do have some pictures of swag from the con and a review to do!

Swaaag. These days, most of what I get from anime conventions is just cutesy things. I don’t really put posters on my walls, most anime/manga I borrow or find online, and so much official merchandise at cons is expensive. I got some new cellphone charms (including a stereotypically French Rilakkuma, so cute), a t-shirt, a necklace, and my friend Taknequa bought me that lovely Utena print! She’s such a sweetie.

Today I’m going to review the necklace, cloud cellphone charm, and the t-shirt because they’re all from the same place! Tasty Peach Studios had a booth in the dealers room and their stuff was soo cute that I kept coming back to buy more haha.

I’ll start out with the t-shirt! Sorry for the wrinkles. It’s a lovely baby pink, and the unicorn print is crisp and pretty! The fit is great, it’s a baby doll tee which I love, and the medium fits me well. I also really like how high this print sits. The graphic stops a couple of inches above the waist, which is just perfect for wearing with lolita skirts.

Here’s the cellphone charm! The charm is acrylic, the colors are bright and the little clouds are so cute! The back of the charm is just plain white, by the way. The strap itself is very sturdy, it’s been on my phone since I got it at the convention and it’s survived lots of travel in the past few days just fine.

The necklace! I had an especially hard time deciding which necklace I wanted, there was a super cute lollipop and a cupcake that were super cute too. I just couldn’t resist the big fancy crown! The charm is acrylic, and the chain connects to the charm on each side.

I can’t really do a standard review because I bought from them in person, but the owner was very nice and always cheerful when I talked to her, and the things I bought from them are good quality and super cute, so I’d definitely recommended buying from them!