Convention EssentialsI’ve been thinking a lot about the upcoming convention and what I need to bring, and there’s a lot of stuff. As a cosplayer and a lolita, I have a lot of outfit changes (I think I’m bringing at least 5 outfits, 3 cosplay and 2 lolita) and there’s a lot that I need to remember to bring. On top of it all, I have to bring my convention essentials. I thought it might be helpful to lolitas who are new to conventions and it’s always nice to remind myself of things I definitely need haha.

  • Clear Nail Polish is something I always take. It’s great in a pinch for sealing off the edge of fraying ribbon or a hole in stockings.
  • Extra Legwear , speaking of stockings, I cannot tell you how often I’ve gotten a run in a pair of tights at conventions or on trips. So I always bring some backup legwear!
  • Tide to Go I keep this on my person if at all possible. It’s saved my clothes from stains so many times.
  • Pen and Paper I keep this with me at all times too, I have a Moleskine that I keep in bigger purses and a small Hello Kitty notebook and pen that I keep in smaller bags. This is great for jotting down contact information for people you meet or keeping track of where you need to be when.
  • Water, you all know this by now. Water is so important to keep with you at a convention. There’s a lot of walking, crowded spaces, and long days. Not to mention, most cons are during the summer so the risk of dehydration is even higher. Snacks are also good to always have with you!
  • Safety pins and bobby pins are so useful and easy to keep with you in case of hair or outfit emergency!
  • Sewing Kit I’m a cosplayer, so I load up one of those little click-top tupperware things or a bento with thread colors I’ve used on costumes for that con and anything that matches what lolita I’m wearing, plus a seam ripper, a package of needles, and a small pair of scissors. For those less sewing-inclined, a little drug store sewing kit can always come in handy. Just think of what would happen if you lost a button in the middle of a panel D:
  • Camera! Duh. Con antics are always best when preserved forever and posted to Facebook.
There’s a couple other things that if I have room I tend to bring, like a super comfy pair of shoes (although I try to wear those in the first place), any medications you might need (painkillers especially), and of course cash is important. I hope this helped some con newbies. Do any of you veterans have anything you always bring to a con?