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A while ago I participated in the Gothic Lolita Wigs contest on Facebook, and while I didn’t win anything, I did get 15% off on a purchase for participating! So I took that opportunity to pick up one of their new hime style wigs. I ordered the Medium Brown, which is actually more of an auburn, which I love.

This is after a bit of a bang-trimming. The bangs are a little thin for my liking, but they do have some fuzzy fiber near the base to give that nice curved shape. The top of the wig of course has some frizzy hair to hold that lovely voluminous shape, but it’s nicely covered by smooth fiber.

The bump isn’t giant, although I’m sure you could definitely tease it up as big as you’d like. I’m very happy with the size personally, it’s quite a bit of volume but not anything that would  look strange with non-hime outfits.

The back, sorry it’s a little blurry, these are all mirror shots haha. The wig hair itself is really lovely, it’s soft and the curls are very pretty! This is also without shifting any hair to the back, it’s very thick!

Overall Review:

  • Quality: 5/5 The only problem I had was with the thin bangs, but as you can see a little bit of a trim and some combing did help.
  • Shipping: 5/5 Shipping was free and extremely fast, it arrived in 3 days!
  • Communication: 5/5  I sent them an e-mail about the discount and they were very quick to respond.

Final Score: 5/5! Everything was easy and quick and the wig itself is lovely. I’m excited to wear it, I’ve got a hime coordinate planned for Animazement with that new h.Naoto dress of mine :D