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So someone asked recently on the cosplay.com forums about sweet kodona, and basically whether or not it existed. I must admit, I’m not a great expert on boystyles. They’re a little vague around the edges, not as common as lolita, and not actually part of lolita fashion. But, I really like the look of boystyle and think it’s especially cute to see people wearing boystyle and lolita together. The looks really compliment each other well! If I were ever to wear boystyle, I would definitely do something sweet.

It surprised me a bit to see so many people saying that it couldn’t work because of the feminine color schemes! Our modern-day ideals of what is “masculine” or “feminine” especially in fashion are drastically different than what they used to be. In the Rococo era, one of the main sources of inspiration in lolita fashion, it was pretty common for men of noble birth to wear pastels and even high heels. So why limit ourselves to modern boundaries? We don’t for lolita, so there’s no need to for boystyle either in my opinion.

Plus, brands make such delightful pastel pants!
Sweet Kodona

I, personally, would love to see more sweet kodona. What do you guys think?