The lovely duskrose_dreaming of The Midnight Ballroom tagged me in a Versatile Blogger meme! So first there’s 7 random facts about me, some lolita-related and some not…

  1. On the top of my “want” list right now are some yellow tea party shoes!
  2. I was adopted as a baby! When I was about a month old. I don’t know my birth parents, and have no desire to find them right now. It’s also a big reason why Princess Aurora is my favorite Disney princess, she’s a pretty down-to-earth portrayal of an adopted kid in an animated movie (something that is very hard to come by.)
  3. I have a white h.Naoto Frill dress on the way to me, a brand I’ve been fascinated by for the past few months but couldn’t afford. I was so excited to find something second-hand that I absolutely love!
  4. I’m afraid of sudden loud noises. Balloons popping, fireworks, gun shots in movies or plays, etc. freak me out! It’s ironic that “Popping Balloon” is one of my favorite prints.
  5. I’m waiting on two e-mails to see if my panels were accepted for Animazement. One’s a more casual meetup style event that we’re calling a Lolita Social and the other is more traditional panel about being a lolita on a budget.
  6. I’m playing Okamiden on the DS right now. It’s awesome.
  7. I’m hoping to get a new layout up soon!
I’m also supposed to tag 15 bloggers, but I’m terribly lazy and not very good at choosing people to tag because I read and love so many blogs. So anybody who’s got a blog listed in my sidebar is welcome to have at it!