Daily Outfit: April 23, 2011

  • JSK: Baby
  • Bow: Meta
  • Tights: We Love Colors
  • Shoes: Bodyline
  • Bag & Blouse: Vintage

I’ve totally posted  a very similar outfit in this post except for a different shoes and blouse (and my hair’s not pink anymore haha) but this one has a nicer backdrop! To be honest, I have a little bit of trouble coordinating this jsk. It’s not really a true baby pink so it’s a little bit tricky.

Anyway! I went to the beach this weekend! Well…kind of. I went down to Wilmington to see a play I had done some sewing for, and also to visit with some friends, and then took a little trip to the aquarium. So I didn’t actually go to the beach, but I was very near the beach. And I saw fish. So that counts, right?

While outside I found an inchworm had taken a liking to my dress! This happened to me last year at the Renaissance Faire too, I found a ladybug on my fairy wings. Little bugs like me apparently.

My favorite thing we saw at the aquarium was little moon jelly! There were some cool sharks and cute little clown fish and such, but this little guy was just so elegant and pretty, and it reminded me of Kuragehime haha. I’m hoping to take some more day trips like this this summer when I’m less busy. It’s nice to just get away from things and go see something neat. Plus it make for cooler outfit pictures, which is always a plus.