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Casual Sweet LolitaWhen people discuss “old school lolita” typically it’s from the first few years of the Gothic and Lolita Bible, 2001-2003 ish. Well to be honest, I don’t really miss that time period much. I didn’t become interested in lolita until about 2005/2006 and lolita had changed quite a bit since then. What I started out on and miss now is kind of semi old-school, when brands first started to do brand-specific prints and ship overseas. Things were starting to get more complicated, which was a nice change from super simple one or two colored coordinates in my opinion, but hadn’t yet decided to be the super detailed prints with matching socks, bows, etc. and so much detail that we have now.

Were you guys interested in lolita back then? I remember when daily_lolita had first started and I was in awe of the girls from Portland that got so popular at that time. Baby’s heart buckle shoes were all the rage, simple hair-dos with pigtails or hime cuts were common, and casual cutsews with simple skirts were popular. Mode Girl, Twinkle Mermaid, She is Sleeping, and Red Ridding Hood (nice typo, Baby) were popular sought-after prints.

It’s those days that I’m nostalgic for! And still trying to find, some of those prints being my personal favorites. She is Sleeping has eluded my search for years! I got a peak at one of Angelic Pretty’s new prints on Tumblr the other day, Aqua Princess, which reminded me a lot of those sorts of limited color silhouette  style prints. The coordinate above was put together with all current brand items. So the good news is that these sorts of pieces are still available, if you hunt a little bit.

Is there a time period post “old-school” that you’re nostalgic for?