Emily Temple Cute would be my favorite brand, hands down. Beyond Baby, beyond the close second of Meta, beyond anything sugary adorable that AP could put out. I love how everything they make looks comfortable, something which I will admit most lolita brands are not overly. I wouldn’t consider my lolita clothes uncomfortable, but most of them certainly wouldn’t do for an afternoon of lounging around the house. That’s entirely different with ETC. They make simple cut dresses, cozy little hoodies and cardigans, and even cute flat shoes. Perfect for a casual day of shopping, watching movies with friends, or even vacationing.

They also aren’t afraid of color. Where other brands shy away and stick to typical combinations of pastels or muted tones or dark pieces, ETC has no problem with uncommon colors in lolita clothing like greens, bright yellows, and teals. They also have so much individuality in their prints. Huge polka dots, intricately detailed gardens, hell even dresses with dresses on them. (They’ve done a few of these, and all I can think of now is “Inception dress! A dress within a dress!”)

You might note that I said would at the beginning of this post. They would be my favorite brand if I didn’t have such difficulty with them. First of all, they don’t have an online store, so ordering from them even with a shopping service is difficult. They also have the same annoying habit that a lot of classic brands do, lack of shirring in pretty much everything. There’s pretty much no way I’m ever going to be a 32 in. bust without major plastic surgery, so that’s a good chunk of their products out the window.

Despite these obstacles, I’ve manged to obtain one of my dream dresses from the brand, the Pippi Longstocking OP. And! I snatched up my second dress from them off of Alice Fururun the other day!

It’s an Alice in Wonderland print, with lovely border of vignettes of different scenes. Plus it’s cut just like my Pippi OP, fully shirred and super comfy! I love the simplicity, the intricate print, and the neutral color scheme. Lots of opportunities for coordinating here!

Sometimes, there are a lot of obstacles between lolitas and what they love. Do you girls have a brand that would be your favorite if something was just a little different?