It’s that time of year again! Brands are starting to release all of their Spring/Summer lines and thus far I’ve liked pretty much everything. AatP’s Scent of Rapunzel has a creeper-tastic name, but is lovely and the matching jewelry with the little scissors is so cute! Angelic Pretty’s Sugary Pansy reminds me of my grandmother, whose favorite flowers are pansies, and the colors are so lovely for spring. And of course, the sailor styles have started to come out.

I think Meta is most infamous for their sailor pieces. They come out with a new line of them every year, and every year they sell out pretty quickly. This dress in particular caught my eye, the black x red color scheme is something a bit different and I really like it!

AP and Baby also have some sailor cutsews out. I love the pocket on the AP one! Do you guys like sailor style things? I really do, but I feel like they’re a bit harder to coordinate more casually, especially when sailor collars are hardly ever used in western fashion. I’d really like to make a sailor cutsew in the next couple of months and try it out :D