As a sewing enthusiast, I take note of construction in brand items for tips on what to do when making my own clothes. However, sometimes there are things that brands do that just drive me nuts, things I try my best to avoid when sewing for myself. So here are my thoughts on what brands should really avoid, and also what to avoid when making things for yourself.

Bodice lining is one of those thing that I think is personal preference but I thought I’d include it anyway. Some of my brand dresses have it, some don’t. Personally, I hate it. Living in the south, the last thing you want is something that retains heat close to the chest in the summertime! It does lend itself to a clean look on the inside obviously, but I just don’t think it’s worth the heat.

Invisible zippers are the bane of my brand-wearing existence. Most brands use these little flimsy invisible zippers for everything, which is a terrible plan when you’re putting it in a garment with lots of bulk. And boy, do lolita skirts have a lot of bulk, especially at the waist seam. I’m sure we’ve all fought with zippers at that seam more than once!

Single-sided waist ties make it very difficult for me to tie them by myself. Most of the time it takes at least two or three times and a mirror. Double sided waist ties I can tie with ease and I don’t even have to look. To me, it’s even easier to make double sided ties, sewing a tube rather than finishing both edges, so the reasoning just seems to be saving a bit of fabric. Not worth the saving in my opinion!

And now for an embarrassing story about single-sided waist ties: The other day I was putting on my Sweets Country dress from Baby and realized I had taken the waist ties off, so I found them and put them back on. I spent about 10 minutes (not even exaggerating) trying to tie them nicely before I realized I had buttoned one on upside down. Derp.