I went fabric shopping the other day, and this is the fruits of that trip. I wanted to make a red and pink jsk, in honor of Valentines Day and because I have a plethora of red and pink accessories languishing in my jewelry box. Not even kidding, I think I have at least a dozen different pieces of jewelry, socks, bags, etc. to match this dress. The design is pretty cute I think, it’ll look much better in polka dots though! I got a lot of inspiration from a bunch of different Angelic Pretty lines, all of which have semi-coordinating names: Candy Pop, Colorful Drop, Lyrical Dot, and Dream Drop. In the end I might make some changes, like maybe buying some red or pink pom-poms instead of the white or adding some bows somewhere, but I think this basic idea is really cute! I’ve never done scallops before, so wish me luck! I’ll be starting this tomorrow and I’ll definitely post pictures of my progress.