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1 Dress 3 Different Ways

Last week my friend Sonia put together a quick Bodyline group order, and I sorted through the site to see if there’s anything I wanted. I’ve been keeping my eye on this macaroon jsk in brown, but I’m holding off until it gets a bit of a price cut. But I happened upon this cute polka dot JSK that I’d looked over previously, and I knew I wanted the blue one. My lolita wardrobe consists of quite a lot of colors, but not really much blue. I also have a problem that I’ve probably mention previously of almost always buying detailed prints because I reason that I could find fabric to make a plain jsk myself, and then I rarely ever do. So something blue with a subtle polka dot print seemed like a good choice to add to my wardrobe.

Whenever I get a new piece of clothing, in my head I’m always thinking through coordinates I want to put together until it gets here. So, I thought I’d put some ideas into something a little more concrete and I whipped up this polyvore set. I don’t own any of this stuff, but I was mostly trying to get color combinations and themes across. Along with these ideas, I think lavender and blue is a oft-forgotten but very pretty color combination and maybe something a little Alice in Wonderland or Wizard of Oz inspired.