A few years ago I noticed that the number of lolitas at my local convention had grown rapidly. I had heard about meet-ups in other states, but we had never really had one. I saw that we had a lot of lolitas around at conventions, and so I took the plunge and organized a meet-up. It wasn’t the best meet-up ever, it was really hot outside and I kind of threw together a haphazard picnic and art museum trip. I was just so excited to have a local group that the heat didn’t matter. A lot of the girls I met that first time aren’t super active in the group anymore, things like these fluctuate in membership with interests, how busy people are, and people moving to different places over the years. We’ve had people leave and join pretty frequently, but all of the girls and guys I’ve met through my group have been so kind, welcoming, and friendly. It’s great to have girls to bounce things off of, to talk about the current drama and trends with, and to not feel so strangely dressed around haha. We’re having what’s turning out to be a pretty large Valentines Day meet-up in a couple of weeks, and I’m so excited! I have to figure out something to wear, perhaps something red or pink to suit the holiday. Do you girls have a local group you love? Or maybe just a loli best friend to go to tea with?