As I’ve mentioned a couple of times, I’ve been hard at work organizing my sewing room. When I first got home after graduation this room was full of stuff, you couldn’t even get into the room. We’d moved the entire room’s contents upstairs to convert the previous sewing room into a guest room and to give me a little more space, but then I had to head back to school so we’d never sorted anything out. So finally, over the last month, I’ve gotten my work space sorted, re-organized, and cleaned up! Of course, I had to take like a million pictures to preserve the cleanliness, as it will be all too fleeting as every crafter knows.

So here’s the view from just inside the door way! I have a wig shelf now haha.

A view of the wall closest to the hall door. Plastic tubs are the best things ever. They’re pretty much my ultimate storage solution. I really love the clear kind especially, I like to be able to see what’s in there in case the label isn’t altogether right. Most of the things on this book case are smaller crafty things, yarn, beads, trim etc. The larger bins to the right are mostly patterns. I have a lot of patterns.

Swinging around to my sewing table! You can see my thread rack in the top right, and my computer is marginally obscuring my sewing machine haha. The boards will eventually be covered with measurements, picture reference, and other inspirational things. Currently, it’s just inspiring me to “SEW MOAR.” There’s actually enough space between the wall and the table for me to get back there comfortably, so that’s good.

Here’s a closeup on my torture devices uh…useful table-clamped items! That’s a wig head clamp at the back, the large wooden thing is an umbrella swift, and the purple/grey thing is a yarn ball winder. The yarn-useful items were Christmas presents from Sam, so thoughtful and stupidly useful!

Clothes rack! These are all cosplay and renaissance garb, I keep my lolita clothes in my bedroom closet. The wood filing cabinet has accessories in it.

The BINS. Most of these are fabric sorted by color, but there’s also retired costumes, vintage clothes, and quilting batting in there too. Oh and my buddy R2 keeps me company when I’m sewing.

That’s about it for the tour! I hope you enjoyed it. I’m hoping to start some sewing today, I’ve got some projects lurking at the back of my mind that I’d like to make sometime soon!