I’ve got a new header up! It’s based on a little paper child I made of myself, which I got a better shot of on my window sill:

I’d never really made something like this before, but I think it came out pretty well! I’m hoping to do a few more sometime soon.

I’m also, finally, almost done with organizing my sewing room! I have a few more things to hang up, and I need some more wig heads (and by “some” I mean “a million”) and then I’ll take lots of pictures (and maybe some video) to show you guys. Now that the room’s finally clean I can start on some long-standing projects I’ve been dreaming of. I’m hoping to sew at least one outfit for Animazement this year, I’m hoping to host a panel about wearing lolita on a budget and wearing a handmade piece would be a good example for that! So expect lots of pictures of sewing progress in the future :D