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Old School Lolita

There’s been a lot of talk about the good old days recently, the days where black platform mary janes were standard whatever other colors you wore and headdresses were everywhere. I don’t remember exactly when I found lolita, but I’m pretty sure it was sometime in 2003. I happened upon the Fruits Livejournal community, and went from the EGL community from there. I was smitten instantly. Back then though, brands didn’t really ship overseas, and I was a poor high school student. I did a lot of really terrible sewing, mostly by hand, and made some not so great items of clothing some of which you can see in this post. But I learned a lot about sewing from those experiences, regardless of whether or not the end products were not so stellar.

There are some things I really miss about older styles. I liked the traditional mary janes, simpler prints, and spiral curls. There are things that I really appreciate about lolita fashion now days too though, like a much broader range of colors, more available sizes, being able to order directly from brands, and a much wider range of off-brand and used clothing to purchase too. What do you ladies miss about the good old days?