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I don’t really talk about it on here very much, but I’m an avid knitter! Most of my knitting projects are presents, so therefore not really lolita-related, but my boyfriend Sam bought me a yarn ball winder and a swift for balling yarn for Christmas, and a nice little pink hank of Cascade 220 to try them out. So I figured I’d make myself something pretty to wear with my lolita, and that’s it right up there. At the moment, it looks kind of like some sort of bow tie or a weird bikini top haha. It’s actually an Scarflet (Ravelry link, won’t work unless you have an account), which will look a little something like this when all is said and done! It’s simple, cute, and matches quite a bit of my wardrobe. If all goes well I should have enough yarn to merit some fingerless gloves of some sort too. Do you ladies knit? It’s really a useful hobby, especially for winter time!