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I’m amazed to realize just how much time has gone by in the last year. Normally when I get to the end of the year I think back on how short it was, but looking back on pictures from this past year I really feel like it’s been a long one! I’ve never been one for New Years Resolutions, I tend to not keep them very well. However, I do really enjoy looking back and seeing all the cool things I’ve done this year, and of course my favorite outfits.
Favorite Fancy Coordinate:

I had a wonderful day at the faire in this coordinate. All the colors and the fairy wings just make me so happy!
Favorite Casual Coordinate:

I’m so grateful to have this dress! I love the fall colors of this outfit and the classical casual feel.

Cool stuff I did this year:
Dyed my hair pink! (And then back again)
Got a new camera!
Went on a zombie walk!
Finished The Lolita 365!
Made a bonnet!
Baked cream puffs for the first time!
Started my WTF of the Week posts!
And graduated, of course!

It’s been altogether a pretty exhausting but awesome year. I did a lot of cool things with my friends, I broadened my wardrobe quite a bit, with the addition of a couple of dream dresses to boot, and I’m finally done with school. What are your best memories of this year?