So when I was browsing through brand sites today looking for my WTF of the Week I happened upon something that I’d never seen before, so I thought I’d share.

First up is the “Full Dress Rose Dress” posted on December 23, and then “l188” from Bodyline, which was posted months ago. Notice anything? They’re made out of the same fabric. Now I’ve seen off-brands use brand fabric to replicate designs before. I’ve also seen brand and offbrand use the same fabric for different designs, but before this I’ve only always seen brands use the fabric first. It was surprising to me to see the reverse. It’s really interesting to me to see how differently they both use the fabric too, Victorian Maiden in their signature classic, clean style, and Bodyline in a sweeter way that will fit a wider range of sizes. I do like both dresses, but I especially like the clever contrast with the black on the VM dress.