New vlog! Also, would you guys like me to keep posting these here or prefer to just check my Youtube account on your own? Or just have links, not embedded videos? I plan on doing at least a couple of these a week (hopefully) and I don’t want to clog your feeds and things if you don’t want me to. Also, I’m going to mess with my microphone settings, this one turned out pretty quiet.

In other news, I have another blog that I have yet to tell you guys about! It’s called Irrelevant but Awesome and it’s run by me and a group of my friends. Mostly it’s about nerdy things. I know that a lot of lolitas aren’t really into that sort of thing, but I also know a good number of us are, so I thought I’d share in case you wanted to see my opinions on things other than lolita fashion or see what kind of people my friends are! (The answer to that is awesome people, by the way.)

Man, I feel like I’ve been branching out all over the internet recently! Also I feel like my new computer has just made me a lot more likely to post late at night. Here is a picture of it’s prettiness by the way:

I also got a big eyeshadow palette from Coastal Scents that got here super fast! So I will probably be doing some sort of makeup tutorial soon. In the meantime, behold the cooolooors: