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It’s only a few days until Christmas, but thankfully this little ornament can be whipped up in just a couple of hours! I thought for a while about what kind of ornament to make, and I came up with a cute little tea cup. I just love them, and it’s a pretty common motif for prints. Though if you like, you’re welcome to pretend it’s hot chocolate or coffee, I know not all lolitas like the taste of tea :D

Felt in various colors
Sewing needles
Quilt batting
Stuff for embellishing: Embroidery floss, beads, sequins, etc.

Step 1

Print out this little template! You might need to scale it somewhat depending on your printer, but these are the general shapes I used. The top right corner is the tea part, the bottom is the saucer.

Step 2

Cut the pattern out! I’d recommend an X-acto Knife for little space within the handle.

Step 3

Cut them out of felt! I went with a pink tea cup and a matching saucer, but any color will do! You’ll also want to cut out two circles of contrasting colored felt for the ornament body. I didn’t take pictures of this, but I basically checked to see if the ornament pieces would on the bottom of a cup, traced the cup on the felt, and cut two out.

Step 4

Embellish! I embroidered a little snowflake on my cup and a little rim on the saucer, but you could sew on beads, sequins, paint something, there’s a whole lot of possibilities. I also embroidered my initials and the year on the back, I always do this otherwise I end up staring at ornaments trying to remember when I made them haha.

Step 5

Lay everything out to see what it looks like. I had to trim a little bit off of my “tea” to fit in the cup, and it also gives me a guide for the next step.

Step 6

Take off the cup and saucer and sew the tea down! I just did the top edge, when you sew down the cup later it will secure the bottom piece. I used a whip stitch for all of my sewing on this ornament by the way, I think it adds a nice little touch to the look.

Step 7

Stitch down the cup and saucer!

Step 8

Cut a circle of quilting batting to fit in your circle. You’ll want to cut it so there’s a little bit of a felt edge left when you stack them together, this makes it a lot easier to sew the ornament together.

Step 9

Cut about 8 in. of ribbon (about 20 cm.) Make a felt-batting-felt sandwich and secure your ribbon in the middle with a pin, that will keep it from sliding around.

Step 10

Sew around the edge and your ornament is all done! It looks pretty nice on a tree, don’t you think? I hope this was useful. I really love this sort of quick cute project to make while watching Christmas movies this time of year. There’s so many decoration possibilities too!