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Recently I went through my starred posts on my Google Reader (of which there are way too many) and I found that I had a lot of tutorials. Some of these are specifically holiday-themed, and some would just make cute gifts or nice ideas for decorations!

Faux Fur Peter Pan Collar from Colette Patterns. So cute! I love the little furry pom-poms.
Vanilla Extract from Elegant Musings. I’ve never thought to make my own before, but how lovely a gift it would be for a loli who loves to bake!
Felt Christmas Trees from Allsorts. The little scalloped edges make these look like they would fit right in with some loli decor. I love the pink and white one!
Knee Heart Tights from Chictopia. These are too cute, and it seems so easy that I’m not sure why I never thought to do this before!
Yarn Ball Ornament Wreath from I See Life Through a Lens. Even for a not knitting/crocheting lolita, the little balls of yarn add a cute touch to standard holiday decor. I would love to see this in candy colors with little cupcake ornaments strewn throughout.
Oversized Ruffle Tote from Parasol. Perfect for school books or laptops, and so cute and ruffly!
Dyed Doilies from Charlotte’s Fancy. These are just lovely. I’d put them pretty much anywhere, really, but they look super cute on gift wrap.