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This is just the start of my gift-giving posts. I thought what I’d do is group things by style, specifically gothic, sweet, and classic, but a lot of these would work across styles, especially because some come in a variety of colors.

These are also all from general stores, not lolita-specific. This is partially to make things easier for non-lolitas, we all know how unnerving ordering from a Japanese store can be when you’re not familiar with things! It’s also to avoid obvious gift options. I think it’s pretty straight forward to buy things from lolita places, but it’s more fun to find gems from normal stores. Quite a few pieces are from Forever 21, partly because their online stock is immense, and partially because they have a lot of cute cheap things! This first section is $5-20, which seems like a pretty large range, but I think I managed to get a good assortment of prices in so you could find something cute for anyone. That’s enough rambling, let’s get to shopping!

Gothic Lolita Gifts $5-20
Rose and Pearlescent Bracelet from Forever 21. Classy and elegant, perfect with any outfit.
Flat Knit Ruffle Scarf from Wet Seal. Useful for the season, and cute!
Tiffany Bow Shoe Clips from Absolutely Audrey. Cute, simple, and infinitely useful!
Codori Crochet Tights from Sock Dreams. I own these in ivory, and though they are a little pricey, they’re super soft and comfy.
Fleur-de-Lis Necklace from Forever 21. This looks like Victorian mourning jewelry to me, so pretty!
Velvetine Headband from Forever 21. This also comes in black and rosy pink.

Classic Gifts $5-20
Lady Medallion Locket Necklace from Forever 21. I’m really not sure why they don’t use “cameo” in the name haha.
Victoria Ephemera Kit from The Little Pink House Studio. A cuuute Victorian paper craft kit. Lots of fun!
Satin and Lace Heart Clutch from Forever 21. The shape says “sweet” to me, but the touch of lace makes it perfect for classic.
Pretty Bow Knit Gloves from Nordstrom. Long gloves are great to keep your wrists warm in the winter.
Tea Rose Bow Clutch from Fred Flare. I love this dusty rose color! It also looks big enough to fit everything important, unlike a lot of clutches.
Satin Headband w/Flower Accent from Forever 21. Biiiig flower! It also comes in lots of colors.

Sweet Gifts $5-20
Little Twin Stars Notebook: Carousel from Sanrio. It’s soooo cuuuute! I don’t know about you guys, but I can always find use for a notebooks.
Candy Stripe Ring from Cute Plush. Pretty much anything from Cute Plush would be perfect for a sweet lolita, but this ring caught my eye with all the colors!
Cherry Bow Tea Party Necklace from Sick for Cute. Wouldn’t this look just charming with a summery jsk?
Sweet Swirl Sips Cup from Perpetual Kid. These are just too cute!
Cupcake Timer from Fred Flare. Perfect for a baking loli!
Garden Party Earring Pack from Fred Flare. Lots of pretty earrings for one low price!

The next post will be things that are a little pricier, but still from non-lolita specific places. So stay tuned for that!