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I don’t like to talk too much about my personal life on here, but this really affects my lolita life, so I thought I’d share some thoughts. I’m graduating college in December! I’ll be receiving a B.A. in English and I’m hoping to go on to grad school in a little while to get my masters in Library Science. For the moment though, I’ll be looking for a job, and that’s a little unsettling for me. Mostly because I’ll probably have to give up wearing lolita every day. I will admit that it’ll be nice to experiment with fashion outside of lolita a little more. I don’t plan on leaving lolita any time soon, but I feel like if I wear it less often I’ll put more care into my coordinates. I most certainly will not stop enjoying my lolita, nor will I stop posting here! It’s just a heads up about my slight change in fashion. I also hope to do more things about using lolita items in work-wear, which I think will be pretty helpful to me as well as others!

In other news, I’ve had the busiest week ever. Today I went to the Carolina Renaissance Festival, and I had a wonderful time! I’m hoping to post a few pictures of my very special outfit tomorrow, so look forward to that!

I also want to talk a little about the holidays! I’ve got a couple of posts lined up for this year, including gift ideas and an ornament tutorial or two, I’m just curious what you all would like me to post more about! So if there’s anything you’re dying to see more of from me, just let me know in a comment!