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The swap meet was awesome! There were quite a few girls there, and so many lovely things to trade. Hollie did an amazing job organizing everything, she had a whole system worked out for buying and trading and everything ran super smoothly. Up there is my nice little haul! I got the cardigan for that pair of Innocent World socks that came in my Halloween set, the Milky Berry mini tote for a pair of Candy Star Rabbit bows, and the AP strawberry socks for my Jewel Butterfly socks. Some pretty awesome deals if I do say so myself! I got some close-up shots of the cardigan to share as well.

Cute little fairies! There are 5 of them across the front. Also, you can kind of see the different colored star buttons in this picture.

And fairies 4 and 5! The lace down the front and on the sleeves has little bows in it, and the lace around the neckline has stars. This is actually my first brand cutsew/cardigan, I’ve always been concerned about ordering them because brands only list flat sizes for knits, and I’m always afraid I won’t fit into them. Thankfully, this one fits! It’s so nice to be able to try things on in person.

Overall, it was a great experience! Everyone went home happy with something new for their wardrobes, and lovely items that weren’t as useful to the original owner found good homes. We also had some delicious food and caught up on the latest drama and news. It’s always so great to see everyone. I really love my local community! I’ll be posting outfit pictures from the meet in the next couple of days.