Me, finally wearing one of my dream dresses! Photo by my lovely friend Olivia
So way back in June, I woke up super early on a Sunday to take a day trip down to a comic book convention. I did my normal web rounds, e-mail, google reader, livejournal, etc. and (as I am accustomed to do on Sundays) I checked Closet Child. Just a week before I had missed another dream dress on the same very site, and I was pretty bummed about it. But! There it was, staring at me. The Innocent World Emblem print I had loved for years. I snatched it up, and within a week it was in my hands. Sadly though, it was too small. I had planned to lose some weight over the summer, so I figured it might work out by the middle of August. The only problem was that even after losing some weight, it was still too small in the ribcage and the bust.

I was pretty upset about it, but I decided that if I really wanted this dress, and I didn’t want to have to search around for the high-waisted version (which has a shirred back and would probably fit fine) I would just have it altered. Alterations, for a lolita, are a pretty scary thing. It’s not like if something goes wrong you can just go find another one. All of these dresses are limited runs, some are very rare, and they’re all pretty damn expensive. So I can tell you my heart was in my throat going into the tailors. I went to Krystyna’s, a shop in my hometown, and had it looked at. Krystyna told me the best way to let it out would be to add two gussets in the sides, and gave me two options for fabric. First, she could take out a piece from the skirt, which would lead to less volume but would also mean that the gussets would match perfectly. My other option was to go and try to find some well-matching fabric. I thought I’d at least try to find fabric, and I headed off to my local JoAnn’s.

My mom and I managed to find an almost perfect match. It was a solid brown, but it was the right weight and a very similar twill weave, so I bought half a yard of it and we headed back to Krystyna’s. In a week, I had my dress in my hands, sewn perfectly and the gussets weren’t even noticeable. Because the print is so spaced out, and because the printed belt loops were put back in place, it really looks like it came that way. I was thrilled with Krystyna’s service, and I’m just so happy to have my dress fit me so well and look so lovely. I’m planning to wear it to a meet-up this weekend, and I’m so excited! Now to finally take it off my wishlist.