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Well, I got my Innocent World set! Sadly, not as fortuitous as my previous Meta Lucky Packs. Here’s my haul:

I actually really like the OP I got, but it’s much too small for me! Sad. The socks are beautiful as well, but not super useful to me. This is the second pair of cream and blue socks I’ve gotten from a grab bag type set, I think that they don’t sell super well haha. The blouse thankfully, fits me really well and is just beautiful, as you’ll see later in this post! The washcloth is cute as well. Part of the reason I went for this set though is that my local group is having a swap meet next weekend, so I’m going to be bringing the OP and probably the socks to that! I’m super excited.

Daily Outfit: October 29, 2010

Blouse: Innocent World
JSK (worn as a skirt): Fan Plus Friend
Tights: Target
Everything Else: Offbrand
I really like this outfit! It’s all one color, but the details and accessories really make it look elegant. I wanted to wear a skirt with my new blouse to show it off, but I realized that I have very few skirts that go with black! So I unbuttoned this JSK and tucked the top into my petticoat to keep it in place, it worked really well and I’ll probably be doing that again in the future.

This bench was pretty high! My feet totally didn’t touch the ground when I sat on it.

Right now though, I have some jeans on (gasp!) I’m hoping to do some pumpkin carving a little later, and I certainly don’t want to risk pumpkin innards on my good clothes!