I know I used this picture in a post a while ago, but I thought it suited this subject. So here it is again!
I thought I’d talk a little bit about pictures and my feelings on several photo-related discussions I’ve heard rumblings of in the lolita community as of late. The first is using pictures that are not your own. I’ll upfront say that I do totally use pictures from brands and from lolita magazines, catalogs and the like. However, the larger portion of pictures on this blog (aside from WTF of the Week posts, of course) are my own. I don’t condone taking pictures from the internet first of all without the photographers permission, and second of all without linking back. I do have a Tumblr, and while I take photos from the internet, as Tumblr is sort of intended to do, I always always link back to the original artist. However, on here I do my best to take photos of whatever it is that I want to talk about by myself. It helps to improve my photography skills for one. For example that last post about the rings I sort of had to balance my lens on a Sprite bottle, focus manually, and fiddle with settings until I got it right. It took a little while and some practice, but I’m proud improving my photos to make this blog more enjoyable to read! Also though, it promotes realism. I try to convey who I actually am on here, my nerdiness and my lolitaness and everything in between, so it would be unfair of me to use photos that are simply not me because they aren’t mine.

The other issue is Photoshopping. We all know that brand ads are touched up in Photoshop, like every other ad we see in regular day to day life. However, it makes me sad to see girls doing this to themselves in the online lolita community. I’m not super tiny. I don’t fit in some brand, especially if it’s small in the bust. I don’t have perfect skin. Sometimes my hair looks kind of funny, or my dress sits a little off, or my petticoat peeks out a little. I’m had quite a bit of experience in Photoshop over the years, and could probably do something about these things if I really wanted to, but I don’t. The most retouching I do to my photos is cropping and some brightness and contrast adjusting, because again I want to show my readers what is real.

I’m not trying to insult anyone if they choose to do these things, really. I just want to make a statement that some lolitas don’t seem to make. I want to let you all know that everything you see on here is mine and real. We’re fed unrealistic ideas through the media our whole lives, so it seems sad to me that we feel the need to do that to each other. My favorite kind of lolitas to see are the kind that aren’t super-squeaky-photoshopped-magazine-perfect. My favorite kinds are the ones who are real and happy and love what they wear so very dearly. So that’s all I really try to do here, is show you who I am and what I wear and why I love it!