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I managed to scoop up a ring from Minty Mix a little while ago, and I thought I’d share some pictures and a little review!

The ring I ordered came in a nice sturdy bubble wrap-lined mailing envelope. The doughnut tape was a cute touch!

Everything all wrapped in pink tissue paper!

Doughnut gift bag! So cute!

All opened! The ring had a few little chips in the back, so Kammie sent me a note explaining it and added in a cute little bear hair pin! The chips are really not noticeable at all, but it was a such sweet thing of her to do. The package also included a sticker! I’m going to have to think of a good place to put it.

And here’s the ring itself! I love it a lot, it’s just as cute as it looked on the website. It’s also super sturdy, I wore it to classes on Tuesday (my busiest day of classes) and it came through completely unscathed! It’s pretty big, but it’s not super heavy, and I felt comfortable wearing it all day.
In all, I give Minty Mix 5/5 s! The ring itself is super detailed and cute, shipping was easy, and Kammie was super thoughtful. I’d definitely recommend ordering from them!