A few months ago my good friend Olivia gave me some cute little sun catcher projects for my birthday (along with a heart-shaped ice cube tray :D) and I finally got around to making them over fall break, so I thought I’d share some photos!

I’d never made these before actually, they’re little kits that come with metal outlines and packets of little plastic crystals.

Here are my happy little outlines on their foil-covered baking sheet.

All filled in with crystals! The kits had plenty of crystals and a couple of different color options, which was awesome. The Pegasus was a little trickier than the cupcake because the spaces in the mane and tail were small, so I used some tweezers to place them.

The finished pieces post-baking! The kits came with little suction cups to stick them on windows. My window is a little tricky to get to in the dorm room (there’s a fridge in front of it) so I hung them on the mirror beside my bed instead. These were fun little projects! They made me nostalgic for the perler beads and painting kits of my childhood. I believe Olivia found these at our local Hobby Lobby, but I’m sure similar kits are available at other craft stores too if you’d like to try it out! They make for a nice relaxing afternoon of crafting.