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So here in Greensboro, NC we have an awesome annual zombie walk called B.R.A.I.N.Z. (Belligerent Risen Against the Inhuman Neutralizing of Zombies) and I participated last Saturday! We got all bloodied up, stumbled around downtown, and raised money for the Shriner’s Children’s Hospitals! Of course, it gave me a great chance to do some zombie guro-loli!
Daily Outfit- October 16, 2010:

Outfit in progress!

Final blood application!
Shoes & JSK: Bodyline
Headdress: Handmade
Everything Else: Offbrand

I did my own makeup, which was fun! Here’s a couple of pictures of that:

Happy zombie! It was mostly liquid latex, some stage makeup, and normal makeup odds and ends like lipstick and a little eyeshadow. I took a stage makeup class a few semesters ago, and it was so much fun that I look for any excuse to do crazy stuff like this!

I also thought I’d share some pictures of us as a group! Most of these are from my friends Rachel and Lauren, and also another participant Mike!

This one was taken by my friend Tommy on my camera, who did an excellent job of capturing us all together! There were over 70 participants this year.

Our zombie chant was “What do we want?” “Brains!” “When do we want them?” “Brains!”

My good friend Claire and I!

It was an awesome day, we had great weather and some excellent food at Fincastle’s Diner downtown. Plus, we raised about $200 dollars for a great cause! Guro-loli was a style I’d not tried before, so it was a lot of fun to get all bloodied and covered in makeup and stagger around haha. I hope to do it again next year!