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Today has been kind of a roller coaster for me. This morning was pretty awful. A couple of stupid people were taking pictures of me with their phones and I asked them politely to stop. One of them said that I should stop wearing crazy shit, so I responded with a nice loud “Fuck you.” I don’t normally get upset about stupid interactions like this, it’s pretty much a once a week or more occurrence at this point. However, Tuesdays are my longest days and I haven’t been feeling very well, so by the time I got to class I was pretty much in tears. A girl in the hallway who I didn’t even know stopped to tell me that those people were terrible, and that I looked lovely, and gave me a hug that I desperately needed.

The girls in my class were very sweet, and told me that they loved the way I dressed and that I shouldn’t let people get me down. It felt wonderful to hear those things after being so upset. Sometimes the bad comments overshadow the good. It’s nice to know that even acquaintances and strangers can be so supportive and kind.

After my upsetting morning, I got an e-mail I’m very happy to share. I’ve mentioned before that I work for a school newspaper, and I’m very happy to say that I got a press pass for attending New York Comic Con/ New York Anime Festival! This will be my first time going to NYC in a number of years, and I’m very excited to both see the city and enjoy the conventions. And this time, I will certainly have pictures. I hope to meet some new lovely lolitas while I’m there!