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I just got my new Bodyline Rocking Horse Shoes in the mail, so I thought I’d do a little comparison against my older Montreal ones. My Montreal shoes are about 2 years old or so, so any wear and tear they have is from fairly constant day-to-day wear, and this is mostly to compare shapes and construction.

Side by side, you can see that the Montreal toes are much more rounded, and that the ribbon strap goes through a loop at the back, which makes them replaceable. The Bodyline toes are fairly pointy, and have longer straps that are attached to the sides of the shoe. I believe Montreal does make longer straps similar to these though, I just happen to have the shorter ones.

The arch in the front of the toe is much more narrow and taller on the Bodyline shoes, and the soles are black as opposed to tan. The Montreal shoes also have a kind of “join” between the upper piece and the foam soles.

The Bodyline soles are much taller, at the tallest part the Montreal soles are about 2 1/4 in. (5 1/2 cm.) and the Bodyline soles are almost 3 in. (7 1/2 cm.) The “grain” on the foam is also different, the Montreal shoe has much closer, horizontal grain, whereas the Bodyline shoe has much larger, vertical grain.

The sole tapers much more on the Bodyline pair. The Montreal shoe is 2 1/2 in. (6 1/4 cm.) at it’s thinnest point, and the Bodyline pair is 2 in. (5 cm.) at it’s thinnest point.

In short, the Bodyline pair is taller, skinnier, and has pointier toes in comparison to Montreal’s wider, shorter, rounder-toed look. I don’t really think either is better, but I do think my Montreal pair is a bit easier to walk in. I hope this is helpful for people looking to buy RHS, they really are the most comfortable shoes I own (aside from sneakers!)