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Recently there have been a few new prints released, and quite a few people in posts on the EGL livejournal community keep saying the same thing “This print looks just like *insert other brand’s print name here*” Personally, I think this is crazy. So I thought I’d do a post about just why this is crazy.

Milky Planet vs. Sweets Park
Milky Planet, is of course, one of Angelic Pretty’s newest prints, and Sweets Park is from Meta earlier this year. The comparison might not be immediately apparent, considering colors and such, but the prints themselves are pretty similar. Both have an amusement park theme, both have ferris wheels actually, AP’s has a castle and a carousel, and Meta’s has hot air balloons, and both are covered in cakes and the like.

Alice’s Portrait vs. Royal Frame
Alice’s Portrait was a print from Baby this spring and Royal Frame was from Meta I think last fall? I’ve heard this comparison a lot. They both have antique-looking frames, portraits and stripes in the background.

Little Bear’s Cafe vs. Honey Picnic
Little Bear’s Cafe is the latest from AP and Honey Picnic came out just a month or two ago from Meta. Both feature teddy bears eating food, although AP’s they’re sitting at tables and Meta’s they’re having a picnic.

Alice and Her Black Cat vs. Antique Book
Alice and Her Black Cat was released by Baby last winter I believe, and Antique Book is new from Innocent World. Both feature books, obviously, and have a similar “stuff on a desk” sort of feel, with knick-knacks and jewelry strewn about. Both also have animals, though IW’s is a teddy bear and Baby’s is a cat.

These are just a few prints I could think of with a definite connection. I talked a bit about this reoccuring problem in this post with bottle-themed dresses, and this post from F*** Yeah Lolita does a great comparison of room prints. My point is that all brands share ideas. There’s a limited amount of girly print themes out there, so it’s ridiculous to accuse a brand of “copying” or “ripping off” another brand’s print, because they’ve all done similar prints after another brand. Feel free to like one more than the other, but don’t make it because “this brand did it first!”