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Oh yes, that’s right. You cannot escape my current Star Wars obsession. I’m planning on making two Star Wars themed lolita outfits for Celebration, god and time willing.

First up is my R2D2 skirt pile. That freezer paper stencil is actually currently ironed on, painted in, and drying currently. I’ll probably have to do another coat. R2 is on the lower right side of the skirt, and the star buttons will be scattered around. Look at those unintentionally matching socks! So awesome. My other project is of a little more sinister nature….

I was originally only going to have one outfit, but then I spotted these socks on Sock Dreams for $5 with free shipping and I just could not resist. So I’m planning on a Stormtrooper themed JSK. Best part of this outfit is that the thread color is named “Manatee” which is so ridiculous.

I hope you guys don’t mind my constant geeking out, I’m pretty excited about these projects. I’ll definitely be posting updates, finished projects, and eventually pictures from the convention.