A while ago I made this post with my wardrobe. Well, it’s been almost a year, and my wardrobe has changed quiiiite a bit. There’s a lot more brand, for one, and older off-brand stuff I’ve gotten rid of or added. My friend Sonia requested an updated closet so here it is!

Coats! The one on the left is from Kidsyoyo, and the one on the right is from Delias. I also have a black velvet blazer I wear quite a bit.

Dresses, group 1! My classic jsks. Bodyline, Meta, Innocent World, and handmade. I didn’t even realize how much classic stuff I had until I put it all together haha.

Sweet stuff! Handmade, Baby, Meta (my only OP haha), Meta, and Baby. I need to wear that unicorn jsk more often.

…black jsks? None of them are really super gothic. Baby, H&M, Fan Plus Friend, and handmade. You’ll notice that the Fan Plus Friend jsk is my only solid colored dress. I have this problem that I convince myself that I can make plain colored dresses, so I don’t buy them, but then I get lazy and don’t make any. Figures.

Blouses! Vintage, vintage, Meta, and Bodyline. I do have a black polo shirt with puffy sleeves that I wear under jsks, but I couldn’t find it for this picture.

Bloomers! I love them. Meta, handmade, and handmade. I also occasionally wear just little pj shorts underneath if all the rest of them are in the wash or something.

Cutsews. I didn’t include stuff I didn’t think was lolita enough on it’s own, I’ve got a lot of t-shirts I wear with casual stuff that aren’t really very rori on their own. Target, Sick for Cute, Delias, gift from my friend Allison <3, and some department store. I also have that last little pink cutsew in black, I just couldn't find it before pictures.

Cardigans, shrugs, and vests, aka. stuff to wear over blouses. Vests: Target and Goodwill. Everything else: Target, gift, H&M, department store, and Charlotte Russe. Another thing I noticed is that I have a lot of black and gray offbrand stuff that I hardly ever wear. I should make a gray skirt sometime.

Skirts, random arbitrary group one! Handmade, H&M, handmade, handmade, and handmade. I don’t own any brand skirts actually! Another one of those “I can make this, so I shouldn’t buy it” mentalities.

More skirts! Handmade, Old Navy, and handmade. I wear the last one with a black skirt underneath, as I do with my LOST skirt and my black floral jsk. I also managed to forget my dino skirt in this line-up :C

Hats! The bowler and the cloche are from Target, the black beret is vintage, the white beret came with my coat, and the boater was a gift from my boyfriend.

Shooes. Top Row: Bodyline, Payless, department store, and Payless. Bottom Row: Gift from my boyfriend (they’re from Ling-Lam if you’re curious), Payless, Payless, and Bodyline. I wear my black rhs and my white shoes from bodyline more than anything else.

Headbands and headdresses. Lets start from the back I guess? Blue Alice band: Meta, Red hairband: Baby, green/ivory headdress: handmade, black headband: Claires + handmade, White headband: Kohls, Blue headdress: Bodyline, 2 Bows: Meta, Pearl Headband: Forever 21, Red headband: Claires, Black headdress: Bodyline.

Socks! I have a lot of leg wear, these are just my favorites/most loli, maybe half of my socks? Left to right, top to bottom if it applies. Meta, Target, Sock Dreams, Forever 21, Target, Forever 21, Bodyline, Wet Seal, Target, Bodyline, Sock Dreams, Sock Dreams, and Sock Dreams. I looove Sock Dreams, if you can’t tell. I just ordered another pair of socks from them actually!

Bags and parasols/umbrellas. The ivory parasol is my trusty Innocent World one, and the plaid one underneath it was a gift from my mom. Pink chest: handmade, heart purse: H&M, other chest: Hobby Lobby, tote: Bodyline, white purse: vintage, crown bag: Fan Plus Friend, strawberry: Bodyline. I somehow forgot my magical sparkly Meta tote in there, but I have that as well.

I have quite a bit of stuff now! Wardrobes should always grow and change though. I’d like a good black short-sleeved blouse, some more colorful shoes, and a couple more skirts. But I’m pretty happy with how it is currently. It certainly won’t be hard to wear all this stuff this semester anyway! I also recieved my lucky pack yesterday if you couldn’t tell by my current inventory, pictures are over here.