A couple of things have made me ponder recently, where to draw the line for lolita. There are some things that I don’t think I’d wear because they’re just not my personal taste. Like…I never really liked Moitie’s Iron Gate that much, or AP’s Sweets Kingdom. But there’s some things I just wouldn’t wear because they’re too ridiculous for me, even for conventions or meet-ups. This stuff is certainly different for everyone, depending on taste and confidence for the most part haha. Here’s my list of stuff lolita stuff I don’t think I’ll ever wear:

Anything With Animal Ears This includes hoodies with bunny ears and the like as well. There are a couple reasons for this. One is that it’s just too costumey for me. If I were doing some sort of really super themed outfit, then maaaybe, but it’d be my last choice haha. As far as the ones on hoods go, I just never wear hoods up so it wouldn’t even make sense!
Food on my Head Jelly, Cake, Ice Cream, whatever it is, I don’t want it on my head. Unless it’s something really awesome. Like a taco.
Ankle Socks I’d honestly rather go sock-less. I think this is pretty common amongst non-Japanese lolitas actually, the association with sissies is a little too off-putting.

So ladies, what’s on your “Never Will I Ever Wear…” list?