My sewing machine! His name is Juju

So I was working on a design for a skirt and finishing up cutting out petals for my Padme cape and just kind of reflecting on how much I enjoy making things. Especially how much I enjoy being able to construct something from a photograph or a passing idea, and how useful that is! So here’s a little list of reasons I love being a crafty lolita, and why I’d encourage others to be too.

Fit This one doesn’t matter for those of us who are Japanese-sized, but I don’t fit in every brand! Mary Magdalene, Victorian Maiden, even some Emily Temple Cute is waaay to small for me (mostly in the bust D:) So being able to make replicas, or items in the same spirit, is really useful!
Cost Sure, sometimes it might be pretty expensive to sew, I’m not going to lie and say my cosplay endeavors are cheap haha. However, for lolita, it is a bit cheaper to sew. Plus, I find that friends and family love to give you craft stuff they clean out of the attic! A good half of my fabric/yarn stash has been compiled from donations. Plus, it’s pretty easy to happen upon a sale or find a coupon for fabric stores.
Customization Oh yeah, this is my favorite part. Brands just don’t make some things I want, especially not my nerdier tastes. So, when I’m dying for a Firefly-themed skirt, I can make it myself!
Accessorizing Since I buy a lot of my brand second hand, I don’t always have hair things or smaller accessories to match. Making things is a lot easier than hunting through local stores for matching accessories! Knitting helps with this too, my winter accessories always match my wardrobe.
Accomplishment I looove to learn new things and show off my creations. It’s a great feeling to have someone ask where something is from and be able to say that you made it!
Usefulness At least basic sewing skills are stupidly useful. One of my buttons to the neck strap on my yellow Meta OP came off the other day, and knowing how to sew on buttons definitely came in handy! It also helps to be able to know how to darn socks.

I’m not saying that every lolita should learn to sew RIGHT NOW or anything, but it’s an excellent way to expand your wardrobe and learn a new skill :D