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30,000 hits! The freebie this time is some cute little box templates! They’d be perfect for storing rings or small trinkets, or using for gifts. I have two different kinds for you, sweet and gothic, and just click the thumb to view the full template:

I love the gothic one. The tiny spiders and crosses are just too cute! So stereotypically goth. These should be pretty straight forward I think, any slot with a letter should be glued into place. The prints used are actually fabrics from Superbuzzy, which is full of awesome stuff.

As a side note, I just really want to say that I love my local lolitas. They’re so supportive and friendly and generally awesome. I had some trouble the past couple of days with rude comments towards me. Normally I have pretty thick skin, but this week I just had no tolerance for stuff like that, and you girls really made me feel better about myself and the things that I do. And thank you to all of my readers too! Especially you guys who comment, you make me feel like my little blog is worthwhile :D