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So recently, I’ve discovered that my jewelry was pretty disorganized. I kept losing things, and I really wanted all of my jewelry to be in the same place. I decided that this bento box that Sam gave me last Christmas was a pretty good place for jewelry. I’ve used smaller bentos for transporting little bits and bobs for trips before, but not for at-home organization. This one is waaay too big for my every day use (though I have used it once or twice if I’ve made something for Sam and I), and very pretty, so I didn’t want to have it just sitting around.

As you can see, the top tier, which is on the far right, has some little separators in it. Those came with the box, and work wonders for separating smaller things. Here’s a general overview of how things are organized:
1 is full of rings.
2 is full of pins and brooches.
3 is full of small hair clips and barrettes.
4 is full of earrings.
5 is full of odds and ends, like pendants, bigger hair clips, and bracelets. I only have a few bracelets, because wearing things around my wrists drives me crazy.
6 is full of necklaces.

I think it’s a pretty cool use for bento! I love the way they look, how they stack up, and all the cute little designs on them, but they’re not always practical for me because I live on campus. So I’m happy to find a nice little niche for my big happy bento.