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An outfit I’d love to wear this week:
Black x Red Gothic Lolita
OP: Alice and the Pirates
Shoes: Vivienne Westwood
Crown: Supperate System
Everything Else: Off-brand
I’d like to think that I wear a pretty good mix of lolita styles, but I do realize that I mostly post about sweet stuff. I guess I’m just a pink lovin’ girl at heart! When I saw this dress from AAtP though, I had to make a set with it. It’s very regal I think, and I just love the little roses on the sides.

I sadly woke up too late to get a Meta lucky pack. They went on sale at like 5 in the morning here D: So I might be trying for one from Baby, I could really use some more wardrobe basics. I’m also going to a seamstress in a couple of days to see about having a shirred panel put in the back of my Innocent World trump print. The section that fits me least is actually not the waist or bust, but right around the ribcage, which I can’t really do much about, weight loss-wise. That certainly doesn’t mean I’m going to stop exercising or anything ridiculous, though! Just expect a post sometime soon about my brand-alteration experience!