Daily Outfit: June 19, 2010

OP & Bows:Meta
Bag: Vintage
Shoes: Bodyline
Not a crazy outfit, just something simple for my friend Claire’s birthday. It’s her favorite dress of mine, so I thought I would wear it in honor! It was 96 degrees outside that day, I’m so ready for it to be fall again. In other news, I think I might be getting another Meta lucky pack! After seeing these pictures of the bags that the more expensive lucky packs come in, and the polka dots on the black one I just can’t resist! I think I’m going with the “light color”, which could be white, pink, lavender, or red. I’m excited! It’s nice to have a good idea of what I’ll get, and just the color and design are up in the air. Do you girls like lucky packs? It can be a little unnerving to have things decided without your input, but it’s also pretty exciting! I also like a challenge of working something into my wardrobe that I wouldn’t normally pick for myself.